Our Teachers

  • Sybrina Ignatieva-Wada

    Sybrina Ignatieva-Wada


    フランス語, スペイン語
    こんにちは!私はニューヨーク出身、小さい頃から家族で色々な国を旅し、異なる文化や街を楽しんできました。日本に来る前にはニュージーランドの大学で幼児保育、TESOL(英語が母国語ではない人々向けの英語教育法)を学びました。また、スウェーデンではウォルドルフ教育を行なっている学校、そしてイタリアではモンテソーリ、レッジョエミリア教育を行なっている学校でボランティア活動を行いその経験からたくさんの刺激を受けました。日本に来日してからは、群馬、埼玉、東京の学校で働き経験を積みました。趣味は、料理、音楽鑑賞、歌うこと、手芸、楽器演奏、自然と触れ合うこと、写真撮影、テニス、そして家族と過ごすことです。tinyHappy Garden は私が長い間夢に見ていた場所です。みなさんと毎日楽しい時間を過ごし、記憶に残るような思い出を作っていけたらと思ってい
  • Joas

    Mr. Joas

    Portuguese and English
    Hello! I am a cellist an have been living in Japan since 2012, working with children in different international schools around Tokyo. Before I came to Japan I lived in London for 7 years where I studied classical music and got my degree in performance. Whilst studying in the UK I discovered the joy and satisfaction of working with children and how much it helped me grow as a musician and as a person. I love using music as a valuable tool to connect with children, enabling them to learn and develop various important skills whilst having fun. I can not wait to get to know each one of you along with your children and develop a strong bond where we can all grow together and share great experiences.
  • Yinka

    Ms. Yinka

    Hey all! I’m a dance teacher who specialises in child education. With twenty years of dance experience, my focus is on enabling students to develop & trust their own rhythmical instincts. Genres include hip hop, Afro beats, popping, boogaloo, locking and krumping. I’ve been in Japan for 15 years and have worked as a back-up dancer for Arashi and J Soul Brothers, and several TV commercials in the past.
  • Kaori

    Ms. Kaori

    Japanese, English
    Hello! I was born in Osaka, and I spent some time during my childhood in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Germany due to my father’s job. I studied abroad in Vancouver, Toronto, and Sydney, obtaining my TESOL qualification in Canada. Volunteering at Montessori Nursery School in Toronto was an inspiring early childhood education experience for me. After returning to Japan, I worked for 6 years at a preschool in Tokyo, and also achieved the Japanese childcare license. I believe that being with children with lots of love is important . The children will return with a lot of smiles, too, which makes me so happy! My hobbies include watching my son’s soccer game, camping, traveling, knitting, and chatting with friends over a nice coffee. I look forward to sharing a good time with many children at tinyHappy Garden!
  • Lilli

    Ms. Lilli

    Violin Teacher
    Hello! I am from Philadelphia (USA) and moved to Japan to be near extended family. I have studied Hebrew, Spanish, Latin, and currently Japanese, but my favorite way to communicate is through music and play! I started playing violin as a child, and am thrilled to learn more about the Suzuki Violin Method and it’s context by being in Japan. I love cooking, reading, running, and exploring all the lovely parks and places in Aoba-ku with my children.